Inspiration / TriBeCa Urban Retreat… The Preview!

TriBeCa Urban Retreat… The Preview!

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Last time, I talk about some greatest nail polish brand that ever existed… which surprisingly you could find in Indonesia. Now… since I already know where to buy it, I want to discuss about THIS GREAT SHOP that make this "awesome things" available for us, Indonesian Polish Lovers, to buy it! So… here it is! The Great "TriBeCa Urban Retreat"!

Truthfully, I’ve never go to this place. If you read my last post (right before this one) You’ll know when I suddenly found Indonesia, mention in the Official Butter London location *squeals* and this is it. Here in TriBeCa… I found my dream fulfilled at last!

After contacting them, I ddin’t end up buying Butter London because I can’t find any satisfying color from their stock (beside… I have a tight budget for spending my cash into polishes since I still have my sanity), but I manage to buy 3 Rescue Beauty Lounge for me and Dika.

But that’s not the point here. I’m not gonna tell you about myself. I’m gonna tell you about How pleased I am for having such a great shopping experience with them.

First of all. When I was contacting them via facebook, they give me a quick response and answer my message right away. Then second of all, after telling them that I couldn’t go there since I’m at Jakarta and they’re in Bandung… they offered me to do payment via transferred while they’ll package my stuff to my addresses. I mean… isn’t that so sweet. Anything for the happy customer! (Not like the one that Dika told me… which I’ll tell you about later -It’s about a snob nail saloon that refuse to sell or treat their customer with CHANNEL NAIL POLISH because they’re not a VIP customer, even though you could pay for it! *What the heck, I know, right?! I promise I’ll investigate it later!*)

So… I end up talking with them and chatting about how they’re just start their business and so and so and so. I told them that I’m very impressed with how they manage to be in Butter London official website. (Even the Philippines aren’t registered yet)

Of course I want to know a bit about them, so I visit their facebook page and looking for some good photos and evidence about their greatness and boy look what I found!

*this one is a bit creepy… I mean who wants some eyes spying from your feet everytime you look at your nails! Cute… but creepy! LOL

So… by looking at this and their hospitality alone… If I somehow had a trip on Bandung, I won’t hesitate to stop by and checking their polish collections while getting pampered. The truth is… I even want to plan a trip TriBeCa before my work is starting. Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to visit them and getting my manicures done while I’m shopping those lovely polishes!

Until then, Happy Polishing!